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There are some very good reasons why people choose to install garage door openers for their homes. The main reason is convenience. In the past, people didnít have much of a choice. If you wanted to get in your garage, someone had to manually open the garage door. For instance, it could be someone else inside the house. But if you were alone, you had to get down from your car, physically open the garage door, then head back to your car, enter the garage, and then physically close the door before going inside. It took a lot more time and effort.

But with a garage door opener, things are a lot simpler. You donít have to endure the physical act of opening and closing your garage. And if you have a remote control, you donít even have to get out of your car. Again, itís about convenience. And convenience is something that the Seattle WA Garage Door Company understands. So if youíd like to have a system with a remote control, our Seattle WA Garage Door Companyís team can make that happen for you.

The Seattle WA Garage Door Company can take convenience even a step further. For example, itís now possible to install a garage door opener which can be opened over the internet. This functionality can be very helpful when youíre expecting relatives or guests to visit, but you wonít be able to make it home in time, to open up for them. If you choose to have our Seattle WA Garage Door Companyís team install this functionality in your garage door opener, then you can allow your guests entry, even when youíre away.

Another major benefit of garage door openers is safety. What does this mean? Consider again the scenario where you have to get out of your car to manually open the garage door. This process takes a lot more time than simply opening the garage via remote. Also, you have to get out of the car to do it. During all this time, you are vulnerable. But if you can remotely unlock and open the garage, youíre in a safer position. Youíre inside your car so youíre more protected. And the entire process is quicker, so someone outside has less time to make their move.

Again, the Seattle WA Garage Door Company understands this desire for increased safety. Our Seattle WA Garage Door Companyís team can even install additional options to increase your safety. For instance, our Seattle WA Garage Door personnel can install a system with automatic courtesy lights so that when the garage door opens, the surrounding area is bathed in light. This will help to deter intruders. In addition, the Seattle WA Garage Door Companyís team can also install a system with motion sensors so that the moment that movement is detected, lights will go on as well. Again, we understand that your security and peace of mind are important. We can therefore provide you with different options and choices to consider, which can be integrated in the installation of a new garage door opener, or even the upgrade of an older one